Rebecca Bernstein is a womenswear fashion designer, living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Cincinnati OH, she attended Drexel University, in Philadelphia. She graduated in 2012 with a bachelors degree in fashion design. She won several awards for her senior collection, including Best in Show, the Frank Agostino award for excellence in design, construction, and workmanship, Jaeyoon Jeong fashion industry award, and the Abercrombie & Fitch award for technical excellence. 

The day after graduation, she moved to NYC, and began working in the fashion industry. She has worked for several designers, including Jill Stuart, Bernard Chaus, Vince Camuto, Alexander Wang, Asher Levine, and Charles 1/2. 

In the spring of 2015, Rebecca decided to break away from the busy fashion corporate life, and founded Becca Jill. 

Becca Jill's clothing are effortless, but not your average everyday pieces. Every item is unique, and completely one of a kind. She focuses on creating her own textiles, using trapunto stitching. Each piece is hand crafted by Rebecca, taking 2 days- or up to two weeks to create.

All production is done in Brooklyn, NY by Rebecca.